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Cars for Stars - About Us

About Cars for Stars

>Welcome to Cars for Stars, one of the longest established & trusted limousine and luxury transport rental provider.

Cars for Stars was set up in Northamptonshire in 2002 by two brothers, Stephen Hughes & Andrew Hughes. The business started trading in 2003 as a limousine hire franchise bringing something new to the industry. Although neither Andrew or Stephen’s backgrounds included transportation or the leisure industry, combined, they had a great mix of marketing, sales and customer service skills.

In 2005 Cars for Stars was named runner-up as Limousine Operator of the Year in 2006, voted Limousine Operator of the Year in 2008 the company relocated from Northampton to London to focus on the growth. The in 2010 Cars for Stars was acquired by the UK’s largest luxury transport hire network, TBG HQ (Transport Broker Group). This meant that Cars for Stars merged with a much bigger network, giving the brand more room to grow. TBG decided to restructure the franchise operation and focus on the brand growth as an agency for limousine operators.

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